Agricultural Cooperatives Union of Samos (EOS Samos)

Agricultural Cooperatives Union of Samos (EOS Samos)

Agricultural Cooperatives Union of Samos (EOS Samos)

Agriculture Cooperatives Union of Samos was founded in 1934 with the participation of 26 local cooperatives representing all of the wine growers on the island.

From the outset, EOS was in a position to undertake the substantive task of protecting the rights of wine growers in their dealings with wine merchants, since it functions as a trade union.

Since its foundation, EOS has been harvesting grapes and crafting wine in two wineries located in the areas of Malagari and Karlovassi, respectively.

The Karlovassi winery serves the vineyards of the villages situated on the northern part of the island,while the Malagari winery, nestled a short distance from the town of Vathi, serves the rest of the island, while at the same time housing the Union's central offices.

Visitors to the Malagari facilities may also enjoy a stroll around the Samos Wine Museum which opened its doors to the public in 2005 in one of the oldest parts of the winery.

The vineyard of Samos is unique: 1,600 hectares of vines, rest comfortably on their terraced perches surrounded by the lush vegetation of this incredibly verdant island.

The soil in these areas is deep, offering perfect drainage and forcing the roots of the vines to forage downward within the earth in pursuit of nutrition, producing perfect fruit which will produce the luscious and tasteful wines of Samos.

In Samos, the white muscat grape reigns king covering about 97% of Samos’ vineyards, with the remaining 3% shared by ritino and fokiano - red grape varietals used for the production of rosé.

The EOS Samos is one of the oldest cooperatives in Greece and it is included in one of the biggest wineries nationally.

Samos wine is one of the basic Greek wine ambassadors abroad, with exports all over the world. Nowadays, 2.200 producers participate in the Cooperative as members.

Since its founding, the EOS Samos receives the grapes and produces exquisite wines from WHITE MUSCAT in two modern wineries in Malagari (the capital of the island) and Karlovassi (the second biggest town) with a total capacity of 20.000 tons. The average annual production is approximately

50.000 hl while exports constitute 70% of the production.

The Participating organizations in the program are: