The VAENI Naoussa Co-op is one of the most highly progressive wine-producing units in Greece,representing 50% of the local wine production, area renowned for its exquisite red wines.

The members of the co-operative are 200 experienced vine growers, driven by their drive for quality wines.

This vital human factor, combined with the use of advanced technology, guarantees the quality of the wine, which is mainly sourced from “Xinomavro”, an indigenous variety that dominates northern Greece.

The wineries are staffed with qualified experts and operate according to the European standards. It is situated within the boundaries of the viticultural region, which is an advantage for the product itself.

Summarizing co-operation’s main characteristics are its experience, reliability and an artistic feeling.


The organizational chart of VAENI is according is the following:

Currently VAENI exports wines to a broad spectrum of countries around the world, like China, Russia, the USA,

Canada, Kazakhstan, Australia, Dubai, N.Zealand, Japan, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden,

Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, England, Serbia and Cyprus.


The corporation VAENI Naoussa Co-op, wishing to ensure the quality of wine, as well as aiming to support and promote the product in Greek and foreign markets, has been a member of the

following wine-related organizations:

  • Wine Producers Association of the Northern Greece Vineyard
  • National Inter-professional Organization of Vine and Wine

The VAENI Naoussa Co-op is renowned for its capacity to produce quality wines marketed at competitive prices, while there is continuous improvement of its wine products through advanced

technology and placing emphasis on quality control.

Its main policy is to maintain high standard wine production specifications through its production high quality thus meeting customers' expectations, while conforming to the European and Greek wine legislation.

To meet the above-mentioned criteria, the Co-op implements quality assurance systems, based on International Standards ISO 9001:2000 certification, in combination with the HACCP safety system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control point).

Through the above quality systems, the company provides factual assurance about the quality, reliability and safety of its products. A factor that determines the quality of VAENI’s wines is its excellent quality of grapes used which are meticulously selected and supplied by carefully chosen vine growers.

Moreover, there is continuous staff training and the company's qualified specialists guide the members/vine-growers in order to produce grapes of optimum quality levels.

Regarding management practices, all staff is motivated to perform their duties in the best possible way and always complying with the Quality Control procedures.

The company always encourages Suggestions/recommendations from its staff -submitted to their supervisors-that might improve any production stage.

Every single worker is considered to be an inseparable part of the production chain and therefore important for the quality of the end product.

The Winery co-operative emphasizes on high-standard technological equipment, right from the start, which ensures high quality in every stage of production, beginning with the grape-harvest, the selection of grapes, transportation, weighing, sampling, stemming, crushing, vinification and ageing in casks and bottles.

From the linear vineyards, winegrowers convey their grapes to the winery in plastic containers of 20 kg capacity.


Since the winery is located very close to the vineyards, grapes avoid crushing and bruising during transport. In the underground cellars, the wine matures in small, French oak-barrels, stabilized temperature and relevant humidity.

Wine tasting is appointed to experienced oenologists who have love and a flair for wine.

All wines produced by the co-operative should reach optimum levels of maturity before being released in the markets.

The Participating organizations in the program are: